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CLOSED [20 Sep 2005|03:58pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

artificialicons is permanantly closed

for those that are curious..yes i deleted the community, for reasons better left unsaid. i have no intention of re-opening it, or at least not for a long while. i'm keeping it undeleted because i dont want it to become PERMANANTLY deleted, in case i choose to open it later on.

everyone that was a member is still a member, unless your journal was deleted, in that case i've removed you.

no new members will be accepted, membership is closed & will remain that way until the day it re-opens, if it does.

NO, artificialicons did not move to another community, there is no replacement for it, nor will there ever be. HOWEVER, i know a lot of makers have "transferred" elsewhere. the only ones i can think off of the top of my mind are mothicons & vanishedicons. so if you're looking for a place to request, try those.

as for myself, i have started a community just recently [having nothing to do with closing AI] with my good, and talented, friend nikki {blaklily}, many of you will remember her from backstage_icons. the community is fuckas_inc, owned by just us where we post graphics & other graphical goodies. the membership isn't open & it won't be as large as AI. so if you don't get accepted, don't get frustrated/angry. i still have my icon journal {lostin_euphoria} where i will also occassionally post icons & other stuff.

so thats the jist of the whole thing. if you've got any questions, concerns, or comments [aside from WHY the community was deleted] id be glad to answer or listen! so feel free to comment in this post.

thanks for being such loyal & awesome members everyone, i really appreciate it. you are all wonderful! & i'll see you again if i ever re-open it!

Lynn {aka xgirlnxd}
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AFFILIATES [15 Dec 2004|01:33pm]

if you've got a community related to graphics/icons & would like to be affiliates, POST HERE with a button & all the info, or whatever & i'll link you up. i'm kinda lazy about it, but always get it done, so i figure it'll be a lot easier if everyone who wants to be affiliates posts in this ONE link!

this is just a small update to remind you all to visit our AWESOME affiliates! we've gotten a few more, & so i figured id make a post with most of em, HOWEVER they're in the info, so check there regularly & stuff.
but yes, visit them, we love them!

corgicontest backstage_icons

qlammorize _mixtapeicons

lush_designs g_r_a_p_h_i_x [will be re-opening at the beginning of 2005]
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[13 Nov 2004|03:10am]

thanks for being a maker jadeCollapse )

that aside, thanks again jade, it was nice seeing the stuff you contributed, but quite disappointing you decided to quit over something as petty as that.

& to EVERY OTHER MEMBER, or rather those that seem to be just as annoyed as jade, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT BE A MEMBER! there are plenty of other graphic's communitys that dont post 'childish stuff' that you are free to go to. i consider AI a sort of home & family, so why not make things a little more friendlier rather than being strict up the ass? but again, if you dont like the stuff i or any of my friends/members post, then leave. its simple, you most likely wont be missed [unless of course you are a good member].

and thats all. thanks again jade, have a nice night everyone.
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[24 Sep 2004|06:28pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

post here with examples [of icons & banners/backgrounds, if you make em.], your name, and your email address.

for right now, i prefer only full time makers. however, if you're still interested please post anyways, just incase if we get a lot of full time, then theres always room for part time!

HOPEFULLY we get a good turn out this time. please guys, if you're a good icon maker and would like to become one, AI is in desperate need!!

also, current members REFER YOUR FRIENDS! seriously. you've got to know SOMEONE who makes kickass icons. and if you refer someone, and i 'hire' them, i will make you [the referer] an icon! if i hire someone, i'll ask if anyone referred them & if you did, you'll get an icon. not sure if this will turn out, but its something to get you guys out & about. PLEASE.

[this is public, the other post i made was for only members]

thank you! and i'm getting on making icons RIGHT NOW. i've been real busy, so please forgive my absence & shit.

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[24 Apr 2004|10:22pm]


in order for you to be considered to be added, you'll need to request to join. which you can do by clicking where it says 'to join the community, click here' in the communities userinfo. then it will send me your request, and i'll approve/reject it. thats the only way for you to be considered to get added. read the info on what criteria you need to be accepted, and if you have any questions about being rejected, or any in general, post here.
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[24 Apr 2004|10:07pm]

[ mood | content ]

the community will be open soon. probably tonight/tomorrow. if youre a member, make sure you add it to your friends list, because you won't be able to see it after i make another post with a banner. so yeah. make sure to add it to your friends list!.....

okay, so i've gone through ALL the members, and deleted those that didn't comment. i kept some [that didn't comment] because they were members that were always good and i enjoyed having around.

so, looking at the info, we've gone from 400-something membesr to fucking 116 members.
wow. thats a lot of members gone. goodbye.seeya.

there were a lot of people that commented, who were not even a member of the community, and they asked to remain a member. so yeah. um, you weren't in the first place, so i couldnt keep you.

now, i KNOW i've probably made a mistake and accidently delted someone who commented. if thats happened to you, email me. [you'll have to request to join, and then i'll have to accept you].

as for everyone else..

ARTIFICIALICONS is now a closed community. if you want to be a member, read the info because it will give you more details on how to go about doing that. i'm going to be very picky guys. very picky.

i ask that all members go take a look at the info again, ive updated it with more info and yeah. the rules haven't changed all that much, but ive added stuff. so please go take a look.

thanks. and if there are any problems/questions, let me know.

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[19 Mar 2002|09:38pm]
Just wanted to post that I got a new icon journal, that I'll be taking requests to customize/ personalize icons that I post, there. Here are two from me new batch >>

Also a plug for my domain because there are free layouts and junk for others. :D

cross posted, sorry D:
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[23 Apr 2004|01:48pm]

i have a simple question
on the 04b font or any of the bitmap fonts
how do you get white with the little black border around the font? like in my icon
i use photoshop 7

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[16 Apr 2004|08:57pm]

*will work now!*

ok. so finally. here are the icons i said i had to post.
i was hoping to get more, but i feel a bit void of creativeness right now. but i'm sure i'll keep doing em. so yeah. watch out for more later.

when i first started this set.. i was stoked because i had a lot of good stuff, i thought. but now,,i dunno. maybe its just because ive looked at them for too long. however, i do think they are good icons that ive done/experimented with. so yeah. take a look.

this batch consists of 14 icons total [however some are just alternate versions of one].
there are 3xGwenStefani, 2xShirleyManson, 2xTomDumont, 2xAPC/Maynard, 4xToriAmos, 1xHeathLedger [which i did for an icon contest].

-comment + let me know what one[s] youre taking.
-you MUST credit ME [xgirlnxd] in the userpic keywords. i will check.
-don't share please.


threw you the obviousCollapse )
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[11 Apr 2004|08:16pm]

[ mood | creative ]

ok. so i figured i should make a post to kinda keep you guys updated.

first of all, if you are a member [and wish to try and stay a member] please go to this post..read + comment.

i'm going to keep the requests off until we get it closed down to the good members. until after i basically do the members cut.
i'm also probably going to make the community friends only. someone suggested this to me, and i'm sure it would keep away the thiefs and the amount of stealing [which i dunno how much there is of], but i'm sure it will help.

so yeah, i dunno how long it will be closed for requests.

but quite frankly i am having a ball just creating some spiffy icons.

which leads me too..

i'm making some icons. most of shirley manson/gwen stefani/no doubt and maybe some random others. and honestly guys, i think this is some of my BEST work. so i will post them when i get enough.
so yeah. look forward. because yeah. i love em so far. even though theres like only 4 right now..

and also, to all the lovely icon makers, i know this is probably really weird for you guys, seeing as some of you just got to be an icon maker, and its like..theres NO icons to make. lmao. so i feel awful. but as always, if you feel like just creating icon/banners or whatever, feel free to post em.
you guys always can. i dont think anyone [besides me and maybe one other icon maker a while ago] has done this. so yeah. if you wanna, feel free to! i'd love to see some stuff and it'll keep the community a tad more active while we're closed.

and yeah. thats basically it for now.
again, post here if youd like to stay a member.

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[11 Apr 2004|03:35pm]

i just have a quick question
how to do you get the text to fade away
and have new text show up?
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[09 Apr 2004|09:07pm]


thats my example page. its not finished. guys what are some good hosts that can host picture that have big sizes that wont resize them?

thanks so much ♥

and also if you need me to fill any old reuqests i will. but just so you know from tomorrow(saterday) till sunday. i will be in chicago for my cousins wedding. ♥ so i will do all requests that havent been filled on monday or so i think?
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[09 Apr 2004|11:48am]

sorry it took so long.
ornot animatedCollapse )
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important [09 Apr 2004|11:04am]

artificialicons is now officially a closed community. there are far too many reasons why. basically, i get fed up with a lot of members. there are tons of members that never credit for icons/graphics and that is just plain rude. us icon makers spend time making graphics and icons, and a little credit never hurt.
there are also a lot of members that request an icon [or even the maximum of 2 a week, each week] and then they NEVER end up using the icon you made. and im sorry, but that pisses me off. like i said before, we spend TIME making these, the least you could do is use it for a little while. it won't kill you.
there are a lot of members that are impatient. that can't wait one week for an icon. sometimes i know i'm personally not feeling creative at all. so why and try to make something to make a member happy, if you know it won't turn out your best?
there is a lot of negative things i could say about some of the members, and i'm sure you all know what it is.

but then there are the good members. the ones that ALWAYS credit, ALWAYS say thank you, ALWAYS use the icon, even if its just for a little while. and those are the most awesome members, to those of you [you should know who you are] THANK YOU. you guys really are the ones that dont make me give up.

so, i wanted to change something about artificialicons. i wanted to basically filter the communities members. i want just the good members. this may seem very biased in a way, but its the only way to keep me level. it gets so frustrating sometimes.
artificialicons is closed, as stated above. so no new members can join, unless they contact me, even then it might be slim that they get in.

now, to filter out all the bad members, the first thing i'm going to do is literally go to EVERY members userpics/info page and if they're using an icon that either i, or one of the icon makers or previous icon makers, have made and they have not credited, they are GONE. obviously, that won't get rid of all the bad members, but i'll think of something else. scratch that.

i'm going to do something like you would do with a friends cut. if you still want to be a member of artificialicons, comment here and say so. even then, if i think youre one of the members with all the bad stuff, i might delete you. so comment here if you'd like to stay. if you're on my friends list, youve got nothing to worry about.

i just want this to be a more enjoyable place, especially for those that make icons.
if i happen to delete you by accident, you may contact me.

i hope you all have read what i just typed up, if you haven't i suggest you do.
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[09 Apr 2004|10:55am]

headerCollapse )
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[08 Apr 2004|04:57pm]

if you want anything changed on either one, let me know!
orthis oneCollapse )
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[08 Apr 2004|02:35pm]


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[08 Apr 2004|01:43pm]

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[08 Apr 2004|12:41pm]

once again, we are NOT open for requests at this time.

if you have a request that needs to be done [especially those that wanted me to do it] and you have NOT posted in the comments for another icon maker to do, post it here for me to do.

i know someone else did it, and theirs is better than this, but you requested for me so here it is if you want it.

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le pickup [08 Apr 2004|09:40am]

tell me when you have saved it cuase i may delete it soon


hope you like it. i couldnt make it exactly like the example b.c the picture wasnt the easiest to work with but i hope you like it.

♥ enjoy.
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