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artificialicons is permanantly closed

for those that are curious..yes i deleted the community, for reasons better left unsaid. i have no intention of re-opening it, or at least not for a long while. i'm keeping it undeleted because i dont want it to become PERMANANTLY deleted, in case i choose to open it later on.

everyone that was a member is still a member, unless your journal was deleted, in that case i've removed you.

no new members will be accepted, membership is closed & will remain that way until the day it re-opens, if it does.

NO, artificialicons did not move to another community, there is no replacement for it, nor will there ever be. HOWEVER, i know a lot of makers have "transferred" elsewhere. the only ones i can think off of the top of my mind are mothicons & vanishedicons. so if you're looking for a place to request, try those.

as for myself, i have started a community just recently [having nothing to do with closing AI] with my good, and talented, friend nikki {blaklily}, many of you will remember her from backstage_icons. the community is fuckas_inc, owned by just us where we post graphics & other graphical goodies. the membership isn't open & it won't be as large as AI. so if you don't get accepted, don't get frustrated/angry. i still have my icon journal {lostin_euphoria} where i will also occassionally post icons & other stuff.

so thats the jist of the whole thing. if you've got any questions, concerns, or comments [aside from WHY the community was deleted] id be glad to answer or listen! so feel free to comment in this post.

thanks for being such loyal & awesome members everyone, i really appreciate it. you are all wonderful! & i'll see you again if i ever re-open it!

Lynn {aka xgirlnxd}
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Aw I'm sad to see it close. I wish you the best and I hope that one day you will open again if you see fit.
oh man! I loved this community! I hope it opens again some day :)
So even i dont deserve an explanation? It's cool i thought we were kinda friends but if you want to be like that go ahead it's your choice.
like i said, it's better left unsaid. & to my knowledge we are still friends, otherwise i'd of removed you off my friends list. sorry.


11 years ago

All good things come to an end eventually.. this community definately was great :]!
aw, thanks :) & i got your email about paid work [i'm almost positive it was you] & wanted to write you back, but i'll just say it here. currently i'm doing some for another user but once i finish that i will surely email you ify ou are still interested?


11 years ago

I had tried to request membership in fuckas_inc but was a day or two ago. I THOUGHT i'd read all the rules, is there more information about that community?

I also have added you in lostin_euphoria and asked here to be added.

I in no way want to bother you, just friendly questions about what's going on.

& I'm sorry you decided too close artificialicons But I look forward to the reopening if and when that happens!
like i said, membership isn't as open over there. it's kind of based on an if ive seen you around type thing, where i know who you are. i don't relaly know you or recognize you from lj so that's probablywhy. however, my icon journal more public & open to friends.

if you've added me, fret not! you will get added :) i usually just do a big old addage of people at once. so you will if youve got proper credit & stuff :)


11 years ago

Hey I was a member at artificialicons for YEARS, and I moved to vanishedicons because it was a replacement, and I was banned for requesting an animal icon even though it said no there anyway that I can get back in?
Are you asking to be let back into vanishedicons? Lynn has nothing to do with the community. You are going to have to ask the maintainer of that community (who is valiancy ) and she will decide if you can be let back in.


11 years ago


11 years ago

Oh give me a break thats not why you were banned there was many other reasons. Dont bring this crap here to a completly different community!!!
And it wasnt a replacement i used to own my own community and decided i wanted to again.

For all this crap you're pulling everywhere you're never going to be let back in.


11 years ago


11 years ago

Thanks for mentioning mothicons Lynn :D
no problem! i've been meaning to join but keep forgetting. i'll do that tonight.

& btw, i have one of your other icons done. i'm going to do a second version with a different picture, then i'll email that one to you :)


11 years ago


11 years ago

I'm sad to see it go :( you did a great job over here! hope you open it soon and take care! :)
Going to miss AI.... I always loved seeing the icons that came from requests here, even requests I did not make. I look forward to seeing you post at Fuckas. :) ♥
I'm going to miss this place so much! I've been a member for so long and admired the work here even longer. :)

RIP! ♥
eh, i hate to se AI go. it was one of the first icon/graphic communities i joined. hopefully you'll bring it back one day. =]

and Thanks to you [and/or] blaklily for accepting me at fuckas_inc. ♥
Oh Lynn :( I missed you, I was wondering what happened. I go to fill my requests and the community was deleted haha. But I hope everything is okay with you and I'm really glad that you made this post. I hope everything works out in the future, maybe artificial could get back on track! This was my first request community I was ever in and I feel so attached to it. Nothing will ever replace it, it was amazing and it still is amazing :D
i love and miss you lynnifer.
I am sad to see this place shut down, if memory serves me correctly this was the first graphic requesting community I joined.

Like one_xkiss said All good things come to an end eventually. I'm really going to miss this place and the chance to be able to request from you again though I am glad I am still apart of your other graphic-making adventures and see your work.
I'm sad to see this community go=(
Hopefully you'll re-open some day, because it will be great! =)
you motha.
always such a jester.
you should come live with me.
we've got an extra room.
we could be roomies for shizzle!
i think i'll upload my halloween icon you made me last year. cuz ya's almost halloween and all.
AH! memories hahah. thats one of my favorite icons i've made!