an angel sighing (xgirlnxd) wrote in artificialicons,
an angel sighing


artificialicons is now officially a closed community. there are far too many reasons why. basically, i get fed up with a lot of members. there are tons of members that never credit for icons/graphics and that is just plain rude. us icon makers spend time making graphics and icons, and a little credit never hurt.
there are also a lot of members that request an icon [or even the maximum of 2 a week, each week] and then they NEVER end up using the icon you made. and im sorry, but that pisses me off. like i said before, we spend TIME making these, the least you could do is use it for a little while. it won't kill you.
there are a lot of members that are impatient. that can't wait one week for an icon. sometimes i know i'm personally not feeling creative at all. so why and try to make something to make a member happy, if you know it won't turn out your best?
there is a lot of negative things i could say about some of the members, and i'm sure you all know what it is.

but then there are the good members. the ones that ALWAYS credit, ALWAYS say thank you, ALWAYS use the icon, even if its just for a little while. and those are the most awesome members, to those of you [you should know who you are] THANK YOU. you guys really are the ones that dont make me give up.

so, i wanted to change something about artificialicons. i wanted to basically filter the communities members. i want just the good members. this may seem very biased in a way, but its the only way to keep me level. it gets so frustrating sometimes.
artificialicons is closed, as stated above. so no new members can join, unless they contact me, even then it might be slim that they get in.

now, to filter out all the bad members, the first thing i'm going to do is literally go to EVERY members userpics/info page and if they're using an icon that either i, or one of the icon makers or previous icon makers, have made and they have not credited, they are GONE. obviously, that won't get rid of all the bad members, but i'll think of something else. scratch that.

i'm going to do something like you would do with a friends cut. if you still want to be a member of artificialicons, comment here and say so. even then, if i think youre one of the members with all the bad stuff, i might delete you. so comment here if you'd like to stay. if you're on my friends list, youve got nothing to worry about.

i just want this to be a more enjoyable place, especially for those that make icons.
if i happen to delete you by accident, you may contact me.

i hope you all have read what i just typed up, if you haven't i suggest you do.
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