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ok. so i figured i should make a post to kinda keep you guys updated.

first of all, if you are a member [and wish to try and stay a member] please go to this + comment.

i'm going to keep the requests off until we get it closed down to the good members. until after i basically do the members cut.
i'm also probably going to make the community friends only. someone suggested this to me, and i'm sure it would keep away the thiefs and the amount of stealing [which i dunno how much there is of], but i'm sure it will help.

so yeah, i dunno how long it will be closed for requests.

but quite frankly i am having a ball just creating some spiffy icons.

which leads me too..

i'm making some icons. most of shirley manson/gwen stefani/no doubt and maybe some random others. and honestly guys, i think this is some of my BEST work. so i will post them when i get enough.
so yeah. look forward. because yeah. i love em so far. even though theres like only 4 right now..

and also, to all the lovely icon makers, i know this is probably really weird for you guys, seeing as some of you just got to be an icon maker, and its like..theres NO icons to make. lmao. so i feel awful. but as always, if you feel like just creating icon/banners or whatever, feel free to post em.
you guys always can. i dont think anyone [besides me and maybe one other icon maker a while ago] has done this. so yeah. if you wanna, feel free to! i'd love to see some stuff and it'll keep the community a tad more active while we're closed.

and yeah. thats basically it for now.
again, post here if youd like to stay a member.
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