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the community will be open soon. probably tonight/tomorrow. if youre a member, make sure you add it to your friends list, because you won't be able to see it after i make another post with a banner. so yeah. make sure to add it to your friends list!.....

okay, so i've gone through ALL the members, and deleted those that didn't comment. i kept some [that didn't comment] because they were members that were always good and i enjoyed having around.

so, looking at the info, we've gone from 400-something membesr to fucking 116 members.
wow. thats a lot of members gone. goodbye.seeya.

there were a lot of people that commented, who were not even a member of the community, and they asked to remain a member. so yeah. um, you weren't in the first place, so i couldnt keep you.

now, i KNOW i've probably made a mistake and accidently delted someone who commented. if thats happened to you, email me. [you'll have to request to join, and then i'll have to accept you].

as for everyone else..

ARTIFICIALICONS is now a closed community. if you want to be a member, read the info because it will give you more details on how to go about doing that. i'm going to be very picky guys. very picky.

i ask that all members go take a look at the info again, ive updated it with more info and yeah. the rules haven't changed all that much, but ive added stuff. so please go take a look.

thanks. and if there are any problems/questions, let me know.
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