an angel sighing (xgirlnxd) wrote in artificialicons,
an angel sighing

obv . since you disable comments, i cant eventhank you for being a maker here at AI.

So yes i would like to thank you for being a maker, i never had anything againsts you NEVER wanted you to quit being a maker, altho i was almost positive you were going to. its quite sad that you are quitting, as even if you have differences with someone, or rather, a bunch of people, you dont have to seclude yourself from doing what you do. i didn't let you be a maker cause you were my friend, i did it because you were good at graphics. its sad that you don't feel the same way.

YES, if someone doesnt like how i run this community PLZ say so. i doubt i will ever change my mind.
AND YES it is a free service, we do it out of our will, so why WHY SHOULD it ever bother someone if nonsense like that is posted? if we actually got paid for spilling ourselves into these graphics, i most likely would not post stuff that was off topic. but its a free service. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT READ IT! its that simple. skip over the entries.

i really wish you could of done the same thing jade.

that aside, thanks again jade, it was nice seeing the stuff you contributed, but quite disappointing you decided to quit over something as petty as that.

& to EVERY OTHER MEMBER, or rather those that seem to be just as annoyed as jade, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT BE A MEMBER! there are plenty of other graphic's communitys that dont post 'childish stuff' that you are free to go to. i consider AI a sort of home & family, so why not make things a little more friendlier rather than being strict up the ass? but again, if you dont like the stuff i or any of my friends/members post, then leave. its simple, you most likely wont be missed [unless of course you are a good member].

and thats all. thanks again jade, have a nice night everyone.
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