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artificialicons is permanantly closed

for those that are curious..yes i deleted the community, for reasons better left unsaid. i have no intention of re-opening it, or at least not for a long while. i'm keeping it undeleted because i dont want it to become PERMANANTLY deleted, in case i choose to open it later on.

everyone that was a member is still a member, unless your journal was deleted, in that case i've removed you.

no new members will be accepted, membership is closed & will remain that way until the day it re-opens, if it does.

NO, artificialicons did not move to another community, there is no replacement for it, nor will there ever be. HOWEVER, i know a lot of makers have "transferred" elsewhere. the only ones i can think off of the top of my mind are mothicons & vanishedicons. so if you're looking for a place to request, try those.

as for myself, i have started a community just recently [having nothing to do with closing AI] with my good, and talented, friend nikki {blaklily}, many of you will remember her from backstage_icons. the community is fuckas_inc, owned by just us where we post graphics & other graphical goodies. the membership isn't open & it won't be as large as AI. so if you don't get accepted, don't get frustrated/angry. i still have my icon journal {lostin_euphoria} where i will also occassionally post icons & other stuff.

so thats the jist of the whole thing. if you've got any questions, concerns, or comments [aside from WHY the community was deleted] id be glad to answer or listen! so feel free to comment in this post.

thanks for being such loyal & awesome members everyone, i really appreciate it. you are all wonderful! & i'll see you again if i ever re-open it!

Lynn {aka xgirlnxd}
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